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Coding Price List

Audi A4/A5/Q5/Q7
Traffic sign recognition activation – €100
Lane assist activation – €100
High beam assist activation – €80
Video in motion activations – €30
Soft coding tweaks (bleep on lock/unlock etc) – €50
2024 EU maps + lifetime map activations – €170
Oem gearbox/engine software updates – much improved gear changes and shift points – €100
MMI software updates – restores google earth (if your car is a 2017 reg onwards), performance improvements, better CarPlay stability – €70
Virtual cockpit firmware updates – performance improvements – €60
speed camera alerts – audible + visual – €45 (EU & U.K)
Apple CarPlay activations (early q7’s don’t come with this as standard) – €235) (includes mmi update as needed)
Audi A6/A7
 Audi mmi updates – €50
Oem gearbox/engine software updates – much improved gear changes and shift points – €100
 Apple CarPlay activations – facelift tech pack only – €185
 2024 maps + ability to update nav database to every new release indefinitely (includes mmi update) – €70 (You will need license activation also as above)
 Soft coding tweaks – beep on lock/unlock, close car boot from door pocket button (default is open only), enable start stop button memory, enable efficiency mode on the mmi drive select) – €50
 Video in motion activations – €30
 Speed cameras adding to maps – €45 (EU & U.K)
Audi A3/Q2/Q3
 Oem audi gearbox software update (for stock gearbox tune cars) – €100
 Haldex software update for both prefl and fl cars (improved traction especially from a dig and in the wet) – €100
  MMI firmware update which fixes google maps over as long as your audi connect licence is valid and in date. Also gives you the subwoofer control for b&o equipped cars if it’s missing in your sound settings. It also brings speed and CarPlay stability improvements. This is for fl cars only! – €75
  Virtual cockpit firmware update – this brings responsiveness improvements and shows your oil temperature at 40c instead of 65c starting temp) – €65
  Software patch to allow your mmi system to accept 2024 maps and every map release thereafter FOC (prefl MIB1 high and fl virtual cockpit equipped cars) – €75 (mmi update to p0235/1326 needed for this service)
  Apple CarPlay + nav activations for retrofit mib2 systems – €185
 Video in motion activation (for cars with virtual cockpit only) – €40
  Magnetic ride recalibrations – especially useful for lowered cars) – €100
 General soft coding tweaks available through vcds
 Speed camera alerts (mib1 and mib2 high only – this is large screen systems in prefl and virtual cockpit cars in fl cars!) – €50
Audi TT
 Audi smartphone + navigation activations + 2024 EU maps + lifetime maps license (mk3 only) – €250 for Smartphone alone, +€100 for nav, + €100 for maps.
  Magnetic ride calibrations – €100
  Soft coding tweaks (such as bleep on lock/unlock/ Needle sweep / Brighter drl’s. €50
 Video in motion activations – €30
  Traffic sign recognition activation – €100
 High beam assist activations – €80
 Speed camera alerts – €40 (EU & U.K)
 haldex/engine/gearbox software updates – €100
gearbox tcu replacements
ecu replacements
 replacement keys
component protection removal
control module replacements
gearbox control unit replacements

Other Services

  • Carplay
  • Android Auto
  • Screen Mirroring
  • Satellite Navigation activations
  • Remaps
  • Idrive flashes
  • Gearbox flashes
  • Video in Motion
  • Ambient lighting installations & customizations
  • EU map updates
  • Ghost immobiliser
  • Park Sensors

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