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A safer way to use your mobile phone while travelling in your car. Apple CarPlay & Android Auto allow you to seamlessly integrate your mobile phone with your car’s head unit. You are able to use apps such as Google Maps. Waze, Spotify, Apple Music and many more supported apps. It even allows you to integrate calls, text and music.

Unlock hidden features on your BMW & VAG via coding. Many features are built-in to your car but disabled. We can help activate them for you!

Remapping a car takes up to 4 hours. Once completed, you will immediately notice significant changes in your vehicles performance.

Yes, remapping your vehicle allows you to utilize your vehicles engine to its maximum capacity. Not only does this improve vehicle performance, it also enhances fuel efficiency and responsiveness.your vehicles performance.

We plug into your cars OBD port and read the identification of of your transmission and we can only update if there is updates available as this is OEM
it will improve the gearbox responsiveness and be smoother and more economical.

We’re Based in Dublin 24 but we also do callouts therefore  we can work on your vehicle from the comfort of your location.

  • Performance (all vehicles) – This map will offer the highest BHP and torque increases for your vehicle whilst maintaining reliability. On diesel vehicles this should also offer economy gains.
  • Economy (diesel only) – This map will focus on improving the economy of your vehicle of usually around 10%. This map will still offer power gains of around half of the performance map.
  • Blend (diesel only) – this map aims to offer a hybrid of the performance and economy map and will find a balance of performance and economy for your vehicle.
  • No map (all vehicles) – we can remove remaps from your vehicle if you’re are worried about taking you vehicle in for a service or dealer work and reinstall in after for a small service fee of €70.

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